Rise Up Iowa
Rise Up Iowa

About Us

At The Iowa Clinic, we are privileged to serve the healthcare needs of Central Iowa. As a part of our ongoing commitment to the communities we serve, our physicians developed The Iowa Clinic Healthcare Foundation in 2003. The core purpose is to provide ongoing philanthropic support to charitable organizations in Central Iowa.

Our Foundation is administered by a Board of Directors who is responsible for the allocation of funds on an annual basis. Since its inception, The Iowa Clinic Healthcare Foundation has raised more than $1.8 million dollars and funded dozens of projects and organizations in the community. The heart and soul of our Foundation is to be so much more than a non-profit that just writes checks.  We have a passion for providing money and manpower, as seen firsthand over the years with the extreme makeovers of 7 Free Medical Clinics in the Des Moines area.

We are now turning our focus to Rise Up Iowa, and giving back to the community through this initiative.

The Iowa Clinic Healthcare Foundation is pleased to partner with the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines to facilitate the Rise Up grant program for our community. They will be assisting our team throughout the application process.

Meet our Board

  • Christina Taylor, M.D.

    Christina Taylor, M.D.

  • Kevin Cunningham, M.D.

    Kevin Cunningham, M.D.

  • Brian Gallagher, M.D.

    Brian Gallagher, M.D.

  • Richard Glowacki, M.D.

    Richard Glowacki, M.D.

  • Jon Hade, M.D.

    Jon Hade, M.D.

  • Joel Hade, M.D.

    Joel Hade, M.D.

  • Daniel Krejchi, M.D.

    Daniel Krejchi, M.D.

  • Joy Trueblood, M.D.

    Joy Trueblood, M.D.

  • Abbie Ruisch, DO

    Abbie Ruisch, DO

  • Brandy Waters

    Ms. Brandy Waters

  • Mr. C. Edward Brown

    Mr. C. Edward Brown

  • Mr. David Zielke

    Mr. David Zielke

  • Ms. Amy Hilmes

    Ms. Amy Hilmes